Vertical press (dual drive) having the following features

Features (requested by the purchaser customer)

Size of working platens 2300 mm x 2500 mm, H 1900 mm. Distance between columns 2154 mm x 1384 mm
Hydraulic system made by 3 cylinder and by a hydraulic control unit including valves.

The hydraulic cylinders have the following characteristics:

  • n. 1 cylinder Ø 200 mm bored, with 1200 mm stroke and Maximum operating pressure 200 bar
  • n. 2 cylinder Ø 100 mm bored, with 1000 mm stroke and Maximum operating pressure 200 bar.
  • Press bed Side view

    Control unit

    Hydraulic control unit for vertical moulding machinery.

    The control unit consists of:

    Tank ASM150 with TA4080 cap and visual level LVA2AT
    Three phase motor 100L4B5 3kW 400/50Hz (7)
    Double gears pump A2D13 + P1D3
    1 group of cylinder-control solenoid valves NG6 with 2 dual-voice-coil station (4, 5)
    2 venting solenoid valves for either home-position or dynamic pressing (3, 12)
    Remoted pressure relief valve to set boost pressure cylinder 200mm/120 (6)
    Ready for pressure switches or transducers to select pressure of pump protection check valve
    Maximum temperature control thermostat (1)
    Minimum level control
    2 filters on the suction of pumps 90micron
    1 return filter (25micron) with clogging indicator (8)
    Ready for oil /water heat exchanger system (11)
    Pressure gauges unit and front gauge for remote pressure (14, 15)

    Oleodynamic cylinders

    CDEX200/120X1200+100dist. FA with flanged connections SAE3000 (1)
    CDEX100/56X1200. FA with threaded connections (2)

    Oleodynamic system

    Lateral cylinders flow divider

    Item Q.ty Description
    1 1 Flow gear-divider
    2 1 Hydraulic block (manifold)
    3 mt Steel pipes thk.1.5 d.12, working pressure 250 BAR
    4 vari Polypropylene collar C1 12 + Plate
    5 3 Pipes squeeze block
    Item Description
    1 A Central cylinder
    2 B Central cylinder
    3 B Lateral cylinder
    4 D Drainage lateral cylinders
    5 A Lateral cylinder
    6 Spare block (manifold)